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Verlee Koskovich


Verlee grew up an Iowa farm girl where she learned the value of good work ethic, the true meaning of integrity, and the importance of being genuine. She moved to Colorado Springs almost 40 years ago to raise her family.  The Front Range and this vibrant town are woven into Verlee’s adult life.  She couldn’t recommend a better place to live considering the natural beauty of the Colorado mountains, the abundance of sunshine, and endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoor activities. Verlee is grateful for time to make memories with her three beautiful daughters, their husbands, and seven wonderful grandchildren.


Verlee stands out as a seasoned professional with a lifelong foundation in customer service. She’s quick to acknowledge real estate as her favorite, quickly approaching 25 years in the industry. Her career journey includes continuous learning, growth, and commitment. What sets Verlee apart is her inherent affinity for working with people. In a world where personal connections often take a back seat, she firmly believes in the significance of the personal touch. It's not just about facilitating transactions; it's about fostering genuine relationships, understanding unique aspirations, and crafting tailored solutions.


Navigating the ever-evolving and at times overwhelming real estate market requires a steadfast and trusted advisor. Verlee combines her expertise and the Pena Team process to transform what could be a daunting process into a smooth and enjoyable experience. She recognizes no two real estate transactions are alike and is well versed in buying, selling, and investment opportunities. Verlee is especially fond of supporting first time buyers and unlocking the path to their new home.


Verlee envisions each collaboration as a lasting partnership, where she becomes your expert resource for all things real estate. She wants you as her clients for life!


Verlee Koskovich
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