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Quontez Maduro

Realtor® - MRP, CREN

Quontez embodies grit, resilience, and passion – qualities he attributes to his formative years in Philly. Joining the Army, Quontez dedicated himself to serving his country and traveling to new locations. His experiences cultivated the discipline needed to establish and achieve goals, laying a solid foundation for his subsequent ventures. His numerous combat tours in Afghanistan equipped him with the ability to surmount obstacles with a positive outlook, a skill he carries into all aspects of his life.


As a veteran, Quontez ventured into the realm of personal training, driven by his twin passions for fitness and aiding others in their personal transformations. His military background complemented his commitment to assisting people in realizing their full potential.  Family ties eventually led Quontez to Colorado Springs. The breathtaking views from his windows and the sensation of driving through the Rocky Mountains make him feel on top of the world. Quontez spends time reading, bodybuilding, exploring philosophy, and reviewing investing strategies as paths for personal growth.


A determined problem solver and effective communicator, Quontez aims to forge a personal connection with all he encounters. Quontez acknowledges and deeply appreciates the trust bestowed upon him by his clients. He employs negotiation skills, tact, and an unwavering integrity to guide clients through complex real estate transactions. The same spirit that drives him personally, now propels him to champion your real estate goals. In Quontez’s own words, "Every day I tell myself to be Relentless. Now I’m honored to be Relentless for you!”


Quontez Maduro
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