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Tulio is interviewing his referral partner network.  Why?

His passions are meeting new people, collaborating, educating, expressing gratitude, and throwing a good party! Each of these are rooted in his innate ability to relate to anyone. Here relationships are first, always.


With the community growing larger every day, Tulio searched for a way to showcase amazing colleagues turned friends, in hopes that others could grow in relationship too.  Thus his internet interview series were born.

With one Saturday morning interview and some post production magic, he's slowly working his virtual way from coast to coast chatting about fascinating cities and the engaging Realtors that sell the market.


Series 1, Real Estate Road Trips, provides viewers with firsthand accounts and experiences from YOU, the local immersed in the market. The platform showcases the unique characteristics and attractions of each city, making it engaging for both residents and potential visitors. Real Estate Road Trips has the potential to be both informative and entertaining, catering to individuals interested in real estate, travel, and exploring different communities.

Series 2, REal Pivot Connections, invites Realtors to share their personal stories, aspirations, and motivations in a casual and relatable manner. Building connections within the real estate community brings insights, inspiration, and a sense of camaraderie among agents navigating similar challenges and opportunities in the industry.

We're currently processing our second cohort.  If you'd like to be considered for the 2024 Cohort 3 (July to September) then click below and complete the form.

Any questions, reach out at

- Tulio and Jessica

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Join Tulio Peña as he embarks on virtual adventures across the United States to explore different towns and cities. Each week, Tulio chats with locals who know the area like the back of their hand, offering insider insights and uncovering hidden gems that you won't find in guidebooks. 🗺️ Whether you're eager to relocate, invest in property, or simply satisfy your wanderlust, Real Estate Road Trips is your passport to discovering the unique charm and character of America's diverse communities.

Introducing REal Pivot Connections🎙️🛋️

📌Get ready for candid conversations that uncover the why🎯behind the hustle as we chat with passionate professionals from across the nation. From ⭐️seasoned veterans to rising stars⭐️, each episode celebrates the people behind the properties. Tune in each week as Tulio delves into the personal stories and 🏆motivations of our fellow agents for a unique glimpse into what drives our friends and colleagues.

🎉Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect, inspire, and learn from our amazing Pivot Community.❤️

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